Donate to the Black Lab Linux Project

When you donate to the Black Lab Linux Project it helps us with many things:

Domain renewals
Aging equipment replacement

How much should you donate? Any amount you wish. No matter how large or small it goes to the project. We also take hardware donations as well. Contact for details. We thank you for your support.

Why Black Lab Linux

Black Lab Linux is the only Linux distribution that truly focuses on ease of use for the general computer user.  We can serve as an introduction to the world of Linux and we are there for the countless millions of users that discover Linux each day.  Most new users to Linux want 4 things from their everyday systems.  This is what we call the pillars of usability.
  • Consistency
  • Dedication
  • Functionality
  • ease of use
Lets break down those pillars and show you why Black Lab Linux should be your choice for your computing needs.

Built on a completely open source foundation,  the Black Lab Linux team believes in Free and Open Source Software development and have pledged ourselves to remain a complete open source project.  While we may incorporate some software that is proprietary.  It is included for compatibility with current industry trends.


Most users coming from a Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows world are used to a consistent user look and feel of their operating system and they demand it.  In Black Lab Linux we offer one of the most popular desktop managers called GNOME 3 and it is set up in a way to make the transition from Windows and Mac OS X very fluid and seamless for the user.  If you work in a corporate or education environment Black Lab Linux demands very little retraining and many of your applications either have a superior open source equivalent of your commercial application or those applications can be run under several different emulation types that (depending on your system) can give near native speeds.  This means you will suffer no lag or any significant speed decreases.  With many corporate customers running Black Lab Linux or some different release of Linux you know you are getting quality.


With Windows and  Mac OS X you get support from Microsoft or Apple.   When you contact them they don't ignore you, they don't say "Too bad".  With Black Lab Linux you get the same type of dedication that you get with Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X.  We will help you with any problems or missteps you may have.  We are 100% dedicated to you to make sure your experience is the best you ever had and we have phenomenal response times.  Many inquiries and results are handled the same day.  We have the most dedicated and friendly staff you can find.  Also, being a part of the Linux community is fun.  With the Black Lab Linux forums and Linux forums all over the world you have the most talented, friendly and dedicated communities in the world.


Most Linux distributions, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, OpenSUSE dont come with any multimedia playback possible or they are very limited in functionality.  With Black Lab Linux you get full multimedia playback of various formats: Windows Media, Apple Quicktime, Flash, HTML 5 as well as DVD and Blu-Ray.  For audio playback you also get full functionality including: Windows Audio, Apples AAC and Real Media.  This allows you to play all multimedia either hard drive based or on the web.  For web browsing we use the popular Google Chrome browser so compatibility is ensured with all of your banking or personal sites.  We are also one of the first Linux distributions to bundle the popular Steam gaming client.  With HD capable graphics we offer a stunning user interface with unprecedented clarity and crisp graphics that's unseen with anything on the Linux market today

Ease of Use

Black Lab Linux is designed for users by users.  We understand that coming from a different operating system sometimes incorporates a rigid retraining process.  You have to rethink your workflow and how you do things.  Black Lab Linux is one of the only Linux distributions that users say is just as easy to use as a Mac.  We designed the user interface so users can jump in without a manual and feel comfortable and knowledgeable on how the system works.  Every part of the system is recognizable for any novice or advanced user.  But, of course if you need a manual we have some available.  With Black Lab Linux you are immune to all Windows based spyware, adware and viruses.  While Linux users are not immune to cracking efforts we definitely offer better protection than Windows based systems.   We have a built in anti-virus program and an easy to configure firewall.  With Parental Controls you can monitor your children, decide what content they can enjoy and even shutdown the computer at bed time.

With Black Lab Linux you can be assured that you get the same quality that you enjoy with competing commercial operating systems.  

Black Lab Linux is free to download and use,  so you have a no cost entry to the world of open source.  If you need a live USB key for installation or if you work in a corporate environment and need more corporate based features, that is available as well.  Black Lab Linux install media is $19.99 USD from our Webstore.  We look forward to showing you the many features that you can enjoy with open source technologies.

Welcome to the world of Black Lab Linux.