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When you donate to the Black Lab Linux Project it helps us with many things:

Domain renewals
Aging equipment replacement

How much should you donate? Any amount you wish. No matter how large or small it goes to the project. We also take hardware donations as well. Contact for details. We thank you for your support.



Here are some reviews from Softpedia on OS4
Softpedia Reviews

Linuxed - Exploring Linux distros also did a review of OS4 OpenDesktop

ComputerWorld Interview 

Here is what some are saying about Black Lab Linux

Dennis Smith
 So far it all just seems to work. Videos on which are purple skinned in Xubuntu and Mint KDE have the correct flesh tones. Pulse audio works with my Logitech camera/mic, even Skype works after some tweeking.

I my opinion Black Lab Linux is better than Mint 12 xfce, hands down! It is the fully functional replacement for Gnome 2.3 that I have spent months looking for."

Warren White
I bought a few copies of Black Lab Linux and its a strong distro. Its really, really nice. So for Dreamlinux users its a good choice. Black Lab Linux is a commercial distro and there is nothing wrong with being commercial. I have tried the free versions, 12.5 and 13 and from the help I have gotten from those guys I would buy a support subscription. They are knowledgeable, quick to get back to you on topics and quick shipping. I think the way Black Lab works it is great. You can download it for free, you can use it free but if you want things like on site service and support and phone support you have to subscribe. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Now, when my bosses give me permission to get the extended support if it turns out not to be good, I'll be the first to come back and say it. So far though, Black Lab Linux is where I'll stay."

Jerry L
" I have been keeping up with this distro since it reached 12.0 and this thing beats the Mac, it beats Linux Mint and its a solid OS. I recommend this to whoever wants a great stable desktop where everything works."

User from Softpedia
"Just finished my download and installed. This OS is awesome. Definately my Linux of choice. I love the presentation of Black Lab Linux. Great job"


  1. I have been using Linux for 20 years, but this is the distro where everything worked out of the box. There always seem to be one or two pieces of hardware that I have to keep Windows on the computer for.
    And that's not all, this is absolutely beautiful, makes my windows 7 look decidedly shabby.

  2. The best (in all aspects) Ubuntu LTS based distro i have tried so far. Thank you.

  3. this is the best distro i have used i have been a linux user for a while this distro stands out, Everything works out of the box and it has some of the best backrounds i have ever used in linux great job.

  4. I have tried scores of linux distros and this has more features and is faster than anything else I have tried.
    Everything works smooth as silk. Keep up the excellent work. I sent in a donation today.

  5. I have been in the IT field for 2 decades now, and I can tell you that this distribution provides the ideal balance of ease and functionality. It is becoming my sole distro.

    Being able to ditch Windows, and to keep older hardware running efficiently, is a significant point for many people that do not have a spare $1K or more to plunk down on a new device. I have run in virtualization a setup of 1 CPU and 512Mb, running a throttled setup, and Black Lab was stable and consistent. That's a win.

    I am certified on three OS, and this one is a big winner.