Spring Fundraiser

Today we start our Spring Fundraiser which runs until May 31, 2015. Our fundraiser goal is $2,o00.00 USD which will help in paying for:

Domain renewals
Aging equipment replacement

How much should you donate? Any amount you wish. No matter how large or small it goes to the project. We also take hardware donations as well. Contact support@pc-opensystems.com for details.

Get it Now

Here we have all the download locations for the community edition of Black Lab Linux.

Current Stable Release:6.0 SR1
Current Developer Release: 6.5

You can download Black Lab Linux right now from the Black Lab Linux Download site.  Mirrors provided by Sourceforge (Sourceforge.net)


Extension Packs

Extension packs increase functionality of Black Lab Linux.  Please visit the page for a full description and downloads

To Download Extension Paks Please download from our Support Page

Black Lab Linux Extension Paks Here you can donate to the Black Lab Linux Project or buy USB keys or SD cards that you can boot and install Black Lab Linux on your machine.

Purchase Black Lab Linux

If you would like to purchase Black Lab Linux on a LiveUSB drive, Preinstalled Hard drive or Live DVD.  We also have what we call starter kits available, you can get that here as well.

Black Lab Linux

Black Lab Linux is a consumer oriented operating system that is designed for the home user in mind.  This release has the applications and tools for home, school or home/office use.  It runs on all x86 based machines with at least 1gb of RAM and an x86_64 processor of at least 1ghz which makes it more efficient than Microsoft Windows on ANY computer system.  If you purchased your system at least 5 years ago, your computer can run Black Lab Linux unmodified.  It is a high performance, robust Linux based system that finally bridges the gap of Linux just being a geeks choice and brings that power with the unprecedented ease of use to the home user.  With superior hardware compatibility it is the best OS for commodity, off the shelf hardware.  With applications such as Abiword and Gnumeric for office tasks, Google Chrome, Noise Audio Player, VLC movie player and the Valve Steam client it is the ultimate system for work, gaming or consume any media in any format.  With access to the Ubuntu Software Center you can download or purchase hundreds of thousands of applications.

The price of Black Lab Linux is $30.00 USD and is shipped on your choice of Live DVD, Live USB Flash Drive or Live SD Card for maximum portability



Black Lab Linux Preinstalled Hard Drives

Warranty Information
These USB keys are warrantied for a total of 90 days against manufacturer defect.

The delivered product can be returned before 14 days for a complete refund.  All international order have up to 20 days for a return for refund.

When you purchase a copy of Black Lab Linux or Black Lab Enterprise Linux you get 30 days of e-mail installation support with your purchase.


Shipping is now one set price.  There are no additional charges for shipping.


Black Lab Linux Starter kits

Black Lab Linux Starter kits are now available for purchase.

With the starter kit you get a Black Lab Linux t-shirt or hat, Black Lab Linux Installable Live USB and an install guide.

Makes a great gift or you can show your support for Black Lab Linux.

T shirt sizes, Small - X-Large are 45.00 USD + 7.00 USD shipping.  T-Shirt sizes XX-Large - XXX Large, 48.00 USD + 7.00 USD Shipping.

Black Lab Linux Starter kit - LiveUSB, Install Guide
T-Shirt or Hat


Black Lab Linux Gifts
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