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When you donate to the Black Lab Linux Project it helps us with many things:

Domain renewals
Aging equipment replacement

How much should you donate? Any amount you wish. No matter how large or small it goes to the project. We also take hardware donations as well. Contact for details. We thank you for your support.

Black Lab Server

Black Lab Server is a 64 bit Linux based OS, that is geared towards the business, education and government server systems.  It has all the functions and fulfills the needs of all server applications from file and print, web server, application server, OpenLDAP and SAMBA directory servers and developer workstation.  With Black Lab Server you have many ways to interact with the server.  Headless operation, full GUI with GNOME3 or embedded servers with the DWM minimalist window manager.  Black Lab Server is certified in many states to run government intranet and web based applications.  Black Lab Server is the ONLY Debian and Ubuntu based system that is certified by Oracle and IBM to host and deploy their respective cloud technologies.  Black Lab Server is deployed by 4 out of 5 US military branches and is in use by the NOAA and the National Weather Service.  Black Lab Server is also used by many local law enforcement agencies, businesses, government agencies and research facilities in the United States and internationally.

Black Lab Server is shipped either preinstalled on our Server hardware for maximum performance and compatibility or users can purchase Black Lab Server for hardware that they wish to repurpose.  You can also download Black Lab Server free of charge  below


What does this system include?  it contains the GNOME 3 desktop environment and is designed to work with conventional keyboard and mouse input, as well as make it as comfortable as possible for users with touch screen input.  It also includes a whole host of applications and features that are geared towards the business user.

Apache 2
Tomcat 8
MongoDB Server and Client
Webmin for remote administration
Java JDK 8
.NET Core support
Microsoft SQL Server for Linux Support
Ice SSB web app creator
Full ZFS Filesystem support
Full XFS Filesystem support
Full UEFI and Secureboot support

Black Lab Server is compatible with all Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux applications. Black Lab Server also presents the user with basic Unix application compatibility.

We also support the CloudFoundry platform, OpenStack, and Docker Containers.


You can download Black Lab Server free of charge.  With the free download you can utilize forum and social media support but it does not entitle you to commercial support such as Phone and e-mail support and does not entitle you to onsite or remote support

Download Black Lab Server


You can purchase your support subscription for Black Lab Enterprise Linux and any of its derivatives from here.  When you purchase a support subscription you get our professional services and official support.  With your support subscription you get the following services from PC/OpenSystems LLC and the Black Lab Linux team

12 months of support
12 months of Phone and e-mail support
12 months of security and application fixes delivered either digitally or on official media
Onsite support - Extra charges do apply
Remote Support
Security and System auditing
Commercial Software management

You can also purchase Hardware with Black Lab Enterprise Linux from PC/OpenSystems LLC

PC/OpenSystems LLC Hardware

Black Lab Server Support License
Install Media
Order Notes

Legal Notice

PC OpenSystems LLC offers indeminity for all customers and users of all versions of Black Lab Linux.  Customers and users are non-liable for any and ALL accusations of trademark or patent infringement.  Despite your license or subscription status.  PC OpenSystems LLC and Black Lab Linux are proud to be licensees of the OIN, Open Invention Network.

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