Donate to the Black Lab Linux Project

When you donate to the Black Lab Linux Project it helps us with many things:

Domain renewals
Aging equipment replacement

How much should you donate? Any amount you wish. No matter how large or small it goes to the project. We also take hardware donations as well. Contact for details. We thank you for your support.

Black Lab Linux

Black Lab Linux

Black Lab Linux is a 64 bit Linux based OS, that is geared towards the home user.  It has all the applications home users will need for work, play and everything in between.  With this system you can host the entire line of legacy games and applications through emulation as well as offer users a modern platform.

Hardware Requirements

Black Lab Linux runs on the following minimum hardware:

64 bit 1ghz or newer processor
2 gb of RAM 4 gb or more recommended
15 gb of hard drive space
VGA Graphics
Touch interface or keyboard and mouse interface.

As long as these requirements are met this system will run on any hardware produced by Sony, Dell, HP, Gateway, ACER, eMachine, Microsoft Surface Pro and all other commodity x64 systems


What does this system include?  It has the brand new GNOME 3 desktop.  We also provide releases with the XFCE and MATE interface.  Black Lab Linux is designed to work with conventional keyboard and mouse input, as well as make it as comfortable as possible for users with touch screen input.  It also includes a whole host of applications that are geared towards the home user.

Chromium Web Browser
Thunderbird Mail client
Rhythmbox (LXDE Includes Audacious)
Parole Media Player
Ice SSB web app creator

And many more that can be downloaded from the App Grid Software Center.

Legal Notice

PC OpenSystems LLC offers indeminity for all customers and users of all versions of Black Lab Linux.  Customers and users are non-liable for any and ALL accusations of trademark or patent infringement.  Despite your license or subscription status.  PC OpenSystems LLC and Black Lab Linux are proud to be licensees of the OIN, Open Invention Network.