Donate to the Black Lab Linux Project

When you donate to the Black Lab Linux Project it helps us with many things:

Domain renewals
Aging equipment replacement

How much should you donate? Any amount you wish. No matter how large or small it goes to the project. We also take hardware donations as well. Contact for details. We thank you for your support.

Windows XP Upgrade

With Windows XP end of life coming in just a few short months statistics show that 3/4 of the business world is in trouble.  They still run some release of Windows XP and with the deadline of April 8, 2014 approaching a upgrade and migration is necessary.  Home users are also in danger of seeing critical security updates being cut off and their systems becoming vulnerable to security threats.  Black Lab Linux 4.x and Black Lab Enterprise Linux 4.x will be supported until April 30, 2019 and being based on Linux LTS technologies the next major release, Black Lab Linux 5.0 will be supported until April 30, 2023.  With the fast pace of development in the linux world you can be rest assured that all new features and developments will be showcased in Black Lab Linux for years to come.

Business Users

Business customers who still run Windows XP you can upgrade to Black Lab Linux + Pro Desktop Extensions.  With Black Lab Pro Desktop  you get proven, timely security updates until April 30, 2019.  After that time period we have a proven upgrade and migration path to Black Lab Pro Desktop 5.0 that is more cost effective, that is more stable and more secure.

In the business world, world class applications are a necessity.  While with Windows you have to purchase many of the applications you need.  Black Lab Pro Desktop either ships with critical applications or comparable applications can be downloaded for free.  If you need a specific Windows based application for legacy support you can use the WINE emulation layer and run that application the same way it appears and runs on top of Microsoft Windows.

Applications included with the default installation of Black Lab Pro Desktop includes:

Free Microsoft Office compatible Office suite
Google Apps compatible Groupware suite with MS Exchange support 
Photo management suite
Photo manipulation programs
DVD and Blu-Ray playback
Support for all multimedia filetypes
C++, Java, .NET, Objective C developer tools.  We also include Gambas 3 which is a Visual Basic comparable program.
File Maker Pro comparable database program
Web application support.

Setup of Black Lab Pro Desktop is very straightforward, quick and simple taking less than 15 minutes.  With IT managers, setting up new workstations means that they have to spend at least a couple of hours on new setups installing service packs and security updates.  With Black Lab enterprise Linux we take that time and put it back into the hands of your IT staff.

Lower cost, superior security and better system management options.

Where do you want to go today?

You can purchase a copy of Black Lab Pro Desktop from our website

Or you can download an evaluation copy from our Sourceforge Page

Home users

For home users, we also have the freely available Black Lab Linux operating system.  This release of the operating system has everything that the home user needs to get started.

With this release you have the same support schedule as the Black Lab Enterprise Linux Distribution.

Applications included are:

Free Microsoft Office compatible Office suite
Photo management suite
DVD and Blu-Ray playback
Support for all multimedia filetypes
The award winning Steam gaming client
Web application support.

Hardware support a question?  With Black Lab Linux we support all hardware that ran Windows XP.  This includes 32 bit systems.  If you have determined that it is time for a hardware upgrade we offer several systems pre-installed with Black Lab Linux. You can get more information and datasheets from that Preloaded hardware page.

With a very intuitive user interface, and with built in features that surpass what is offered with a default Windows XP install, Black Lab Linux is the perfect system for users who want to extend their hardware life and usability.  Oh, and by the way did we mention that you can download Black Lab Linux for free?  Thats right FREE and you can install Black Lab Linux on as many machines as you want.

You can download this release from our Sourceforge Page

Bandwidth problems?  If you would like to purchase Black Lab Linux on an installable USB key you can order that from our website