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Friday, March 9, 2018

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.60 Released

The Black Lab Linux development team is pleased to bring you the newest release of Black Lab Enterprise Desktop 11.60.  This release contains many security updates and application updates.  Along with these updates also we have made many fixes.  Black Lab Enterprise Desktop is a high performance high availability desktop for software developers, system administrators and power users.  This release while an incremental release is essential for production environments
  • Username and password are no longer required in live boot
  • Help documentation moved offline to on disk.
  • AMD Installer fixed
  • Realtek wireless dropping signal fixed
  • Sound output issue fixed, sound output device was being switched upon reboot
  • Improved performance on the Z14 and IBM LinuxONE support elements

Along with those fixes we also have many security and application updates.

kernel 4.13.0-36
Chromium Browser 64
LibreOffice 6.0
Ice 5.2.8
All security updates until 3/6/2018

If you would like to support the Black Lab Linux project you can purchase Black Lab Enterprise Desktop from our website:

You can download Black Lab Enterprise Desktop here as well