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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.5 Beta 3 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the first public beta release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.5.  With this release we have made several enhancements to the Black Lab Enterprise Linux system.  We have increased driver capabilities with the inclusion of a new kernel and we now have better performance.  We have also worked on web app capability and with the Chromium Web Browser you now have the same functionality as Chrome OS as well as the ability to use standard Linux applications.

WARNING:  This is Beta software some things may work and other will not.  Do not use on production systems we are not responsible for data loss or hardware malfunction.

Whats included?

Linux kernel 4.10.0-38
Xorg 1.18
LibreOffice 5.4
Chromium Browser 62
Thunderbird e-mail suite
Calligra Plan
Skype 8.9
Recoll Digital librarian
Font Manager

Known issues:

  • On some systems resolution wont go above 1024x768 even though higher resolutions are supported
  • Microsoft Surface book - Detaching from the keyboard the system locks up, touch screen and pen do not work
  • Microsoft Surface - Dial will work on minor system functions, raise and lower volume, manipulate brightness but it will not perform app specific tasks
  • Google Search Appliance - After install when you go to reboot your system it will not reboot and you must perform a hard reboot
  • System Software - Upon bootup it asks you for a username and password.  That will be removed in the final release

To Install:

Upon bootup to enter the live session type the following

Username: custom
Password:  There is no password after you type in custom hit enter twice



With it being the end of the year we are acception financial and hardware donations.  To donate financially use the donate button on this page.  To donate hardware contact

Thank you very much