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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Testing 262 released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Testing 262.  Testing 262 has many improvements in the stable kernel as well as changes to the desktop.

Testing releases are not recommended for production environments it is to test new features of Black Lab Linux as such Testing releases are released with NO warranty and we are not responsible for any data loss

Testing 262 includes the following improvements:

MATE 1.16
Ukuu Kernel update utility
kernel 4.8.0-53
Security updates to the kernel from May 29 to June 1st
Wireless stability updates - Wireless network connections are more stable.

Testing 262 has the following issues

Still have some reported VirtualBox Black screens
Macbook Pro 2012 Wireless still not working
Chromebook Pixel install will lead to a command line interface upon reboot.  BUT after a second reboot the GUI does activate and works as supposed to
ACER Cloudbook 14 - Installer crashes when you disable UEFI and try legacy boot
32 bit UEFI still being worked on although we have had preliminary success
Kerberos will not issue stable tickets to ArcaOS 5.0 systems on the network
BTRFS Filesystem:  Grub will not boot other OS's
ZFS:  ZFS pools not showing up in File manager
Thunar crashes when accessing Network Drives

You can download Testing 262 from here