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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 11.0.1 Released

Today we issued an emergency release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux.  During the past couple of weeks users have come to use with some issues that they were facing and we decided to go outside of our release schedule and issue an update as well as update our ISO's.  The only differences in this release are:

  • MATE has been made the default desktop because of some underlying issues people were having with GNOME
  • Kernel 4.8.0-52
  • Evolution replaced Thunderbird as the default mail client due to Googles sign-on dialog no longer working with Thunderbird.

The issues this releases resolves are as follows:

  • Macbook Air wireless is now working again
  • Build-Essential has been restored
  • OpenVPN speed issues have been resolved
  • Black Screen on VirtualBox installs have been resolved
  • Installation would hang at 'configuring hardware' on HP Proliant servers
  • On SGI ICE Servers Black Lab ENT would install but Grub would become corrupted and not boot

This should be the last update outside of our normal 12 month release schedule.

This has been applied to all releases, Enterprise, Education, Studio and IoT.

You can download all updated ISO's from here.  Customers can also upgrade their current installs to resolve Macbook Wireless and OpenVPN issues