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Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekly 256 Released

Today we are releasing Weekly 256.  Weekly 256 has become the base for Black Lab Linux 9 which enters development cycle and feature freeze today.  With Weekly 256 we fixed the following bugs:

Slow bootup and graphics detection
Fixed network manager so it doesnt drop wifi connections
Fixed leftover 4G LTE connection bug over cellular networks
Fixed touchscreen on convertible PC's so now when you fold the hardware keyboard back or disconnect from the base touchscreen excepts input immediatly
XFCE is more touchscreen friendly
UEFI is now fully supported
Fixed more issues with MS Surface products
Fixed Install hangup on AMD Ryzen systems
Improved support for interoperabality for Xinous OpenServer X

Known Bugs

AMD Ryzen support still a little buggy
You have to manually partition drives on HPE BL460c Gen9
ASPIRE One Cloudbook you have to manually provide the EFI file
OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 RPM packages will not convert with Alien

You can grab Weekly 256 from the download site.  NOT FOR USE ON PRODUCTION SYSTEMS

username: custom
password: none needed hit enter twice