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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Black Lab Linux 8 available for download

Today our development team is making our distribution, Black Lab Linux 8 available for free for all users as a free download,  the consumer version of PC/OpenSystems LLC’s flagship distro and a culmination of over a year’s worth of work.

This Black Lab release moves from the previous 14.04 LTS base to the newer 16.04 LTS base.  A major difference in this version is in the inclusion of available desktop environments.  We offer the KDE Plasma 5 desktop for users moving from the Windows desktop to a Linux based system, LXDE for older / legacy hardware, GNOME 3.18 is setup for Mac users moving to a Linux desktop.  XFCE and Mate are available as well.

Black Lab Linux 8.0 has been updated with the following updated packages:

Kernel 4.4.0-53
Web 3.18 (Rekonq for KDE users)
Geary 0.11.2
LibreOffice 5.2
Gimp 2.8.16
Google Drive Integration (GNOME 3.18 Only)
Ice SSB 5.2.1
Video Player
Music Player
Full UEFI support
exFAT support
Systemd support
Upstart Support (GNOME 3.18 Only)
GNOME Software Center (GNOME 3.18)
Plasma Software Discover center (KDE Plasma 5)

All this and more - other applications and games are there waiting to be found. All security updates until December 12, 2016 have been applied.

Black Lab Linux 8 can be downloaded in the following desktop flavors from the following location:

To ensure that we can continue to develop the best Linux distribution on the planet, Black Lab Linux 8.0 can be purchased from our online store.  For $19.99 USD + shipping you get 30 days installation support; for $45.00 USD you get 12 months of e-mail support.  Systems with Black Lab Linux 8.0 preinstalled are also ready to be shipped, wrapped and put under the tree.

Black Lab Linux 8.0
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Looking for Black Lab Enterprise Linux for your business, work and school? You can find that here.

Thank you very much for your support. PC / Opensystems LLC would like to wish everyone a safe, festive and memorable holiday season