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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Changes to Black Lab Linux

Due to lack of funding for the Black Lab Linux Project we have decided the best way to move forward for Black Lab Linux is to provide it as a commercial only software product.  Hardware and systems that come with Black Lab preinstalled will be provided by PC/OpenSystems LLC

So with that there are a few changes being made to the delivery of Black Lab Linux.  Effective today net/OS is discontinued.  We will honor our support contracts for net/OS and as Service Packs are released we will be rolling out to you Black Lab Enterprise Linux.

Black Lab Linux will continue on and from the Black Lab Linux team you will be provided with your choice of Black Lab Linux and Black Lab Enterprise Linux.


When a new release of Black Lab Linux is rolled out, for the first 45 days it will be a for purchase only product.  You can purchase a boxed set for $19.99 USD or you can purchase a digital download for $9.99 USD.  The purchased box set will provide the GNOME 3 desktop environment ONLY.  After 45 days we will provide a free download of Black Lab Linux.  Black Lab Enterprise Linux will be a for purchase product only.  There will be no digital download and you must purchase a boxed set.  Digital downloads of Black Lab Enterprise Linux will be provided under only special circumstances such as overseas purchases or if you are in a temporary location.  Black Lab Server will only be made available via hardware from PC/OpenSystems LLC.


Black Lab Linux 8.0 will be released November 1st 2016 to RTM on December 15, 2016 we will be providing it as a free download to users .

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8.0 SP1 will be RTM October 24, 2016 and will be available for purchase on that day

We have prepared a Q&A from the lead system designer Roberto J. Dohnert

Q)  What prompted this change?
 A) It was a purely financial reason.  We love to provide software.  To continue to provide the BEST software I need to retain developers and talent.  To do that they need to get paid.  We had 16 developers working on net/OS.  We had 7 developers working on Black Lab Linux.  Many times their work intersected each other and we were basically paying for the same result twice.  If they arent getting paid then this is a hobby and they need to go to work someplace to be able to provide for their families.  People with that kind of talent tend to go work for more mature software companies and many times software companies like that and yes I mean Apple and Oracle specifically  wont let their people contribute to any kind of software product OR project that directly competes with their products unless they are so directed.  For example, they can go work on things like webkit, the Linux kernel team, GNOME and KDE.  They cannot contribute to Black Lab Linux or openSUSE because we provide products that compete directly with macOS and Solaris.  Thats why we started the new intern program.

Q)  Whats the intern program?
A)   We have trimmed down the number of paid developers to 10 and we have 5 intern slots open.  Basically, they come to work for us for their school credits the only difference is that when they graduate we get first dibs.  We get the first chance to offer them a paid job.  We make our offer if they decide to go work for Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM or anyone else who offers them more money so be it.  I wish them the best of luck.  Now this works out for us, we get to retain our talent and it benefits them. When they graduate and during their internship if they make it known they want to join the team after they graduate they know they have a job.

Q)  What other benefits do we have from these new changes?
A) Well there will be no more fall fundraisers, winter fundraisers or summer fundraisers.  This will also help us replace aging and obsolete hardware as well as advertise more and more importantly and MOST importantly our developers they get paid.  They get to provide for their families and they get a days dollar for a days work.

Q)  How do you plan to compete with Red Hat and others who are in the same business?
A) We already compete with them and quite effectively.  We have deployments in 4 out of 5 US Military branches, numerous law enforcement agencies and educational facilities and in enterprise.  We have successful deployments in telecom and there are two press agencies that use Black Lab for EVERYTHING on all levels of their business.  Thats what we want to see and thats what we want to see more of.

Q) You always said you want to provide a free release of Black Lab Linux, how does these changes affect that?
A) You just have to wait 45 days to get it.  But lets face it, with Black Lab Linux $19.99 for a box set is reasonable.  $9.99 is reasonable for a digital download you are not only just supporting the developers, you are getting the best Linux distribution in the world.  When you buy Black Lab Enterprise Linux you are getting one of the fastest growing and albeit the ONLY enterprise desktop Linux distribution on the market today and when you buy our hardware you are getting tested high performance hardware.  So its a win/win.