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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8 Service Pack 1 Released

Today the Black Lab Linux Development team is pleased to announce the release of Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8.0 SP1.  Service Pack 1 is jam packed full of new innovations and features.  Black Lab Enterprise Linux is the fastest growing Enterprise desktop Linux offering on the market today.  Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8.0 SP1 is a hybrid operating system meaning you can deploy local applications that you need as well as the cloud based applications that you want.  Its the Enterprise Desktop; Your way.

Black Lab Enterprise Linux offers the KDE desktop.  Black Lab Enterprise Linux is based on the latest LTS release by Canonical and will be supported until 2021.

Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8.0 SP1 includes the following new features

KDE 5.5
kernel 4.4.0-45
Firefox 49.0.1
Thunderbird E-Mail Suite
LibreOffice 5.2
Database Creation
Webmin for remote access administration
Kspice for rebootless kernel installs
full UEFI support
full SNAP support for Ubuntu SNAP packages

You can download the full package list from our website

You can download the new Black Lab SDK from our website which works with Black Lab Linux 8 and Black Lab Enterprise Linux 8.0 SP1 ONLY.

You can purchase Black Lab Enterprise Linux on Live DVD, USB, SD and MicroSD.  You can view all mandatory and optional services provided with Black Lab Enterprise Linux

You can also find more information of Black Lab Enterprise Linux here as well as system specifications.

Purchases can be made through PayPal through your PayPal balance, Credit Card or eCheck.

Black Lab Enterprise Linux
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