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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Black Lab Linux 8 Beta 3 Released

The development team is pleased to announce the new Beta release of Black Lab Linux 8 – our latest OS offering to bring the best Linux desktop distribution currently on the market. This release moves the kernel and application set away from the prior LTS 14.04 base to the new 16.04 LTS base. Black Lab Linux 8 will showcase 3 desktop environments : MATE, LXDE and GNOME 3. Other improvements include:

Full EFI support
Kernel 4.4.0-38
LibreOffice 5.2
Firefox 49
Full multimedia codec support

As always with an early Beta release, there are known issues:
1 : Installation stalls when connected to the Internet. Workaround : do not connect to the Internet during install, since an Internet connection is not a requirement for EFI systems
2 : Live boot stalls when more than one USB drive is plugged into the system. Workaround : during Liveboot unplug all USB drives, and if the target drive is USB, boot the system fully and only then plug the drive in.
3 : When you install on an HPE Proliant DL20 Gen 9 server, the installation will generate an error installing GRUB – the installer will prompt to Retry or cancel, click on Retry and installation will conclude successfully.
4 : When installing on an SGI Ice Server disk selection is prolonged. We recommend unplugging all drives except for the main target.

You can download ALL desktop flavors from the download site :



Or you can download the release from

Thank you.