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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Black Lab Linux 7.7 Released

 Today the development team is pleased to announce Black Lab Linux 7.7, the latest release in our stable 7 series. 7.7 is best-suited for users who want to standardize on a Linux distro that’s powerful, easy to use, and offers LTS (Long Term Support).

Updated core apps:

Kernel 3.19.0-68
Chromium Browser 51
Thunderbird 45.2

Included webapps:

Google Maps
Google Contacts
Google Calendar
Google Hangouts
Google Drive

Black Lab Linux 7.7 incorporates all upstream security updates as of September 16, 2016 as well as full support for multimedia codecs.

Black Lab Linux 7.7 can be downloaded from our mirror in ISO format


Q) Why does 7.7 still use the 3.19 kernel?
A) Because this is a security and app update.  If you need a newer kernel or Java 8 we have the preview version of Black Lab Linux 8 available which have those new features

Q) How many more releases of 7 do we have left?
A) Black Lab Linux 7.8 will be released in February 2017.  After that mainstream support ends for the 7.x series and we will have one more rolled ISO, 7.9, and then after that it will be up to users to update their systems but we will make update packs available for 7.x until it goes EOL in Dec 2018.

Q) When will we seen an upgrade to 16.04?
A) that will happen in Black Lab Linux 10.  After that we are moving to Debian as our OS base moving forward.