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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Black Lab NET - the ChromeOS killer!

Black Lab Linux has always featured web-centric applications, but BLL-NET is taking this to new extremes of speed and useability...

The ICEssb addon delivers best-of-breed webapp content to the Black Lab desktop with the speed and reliability that its users have come to expect : GMail, Google Drive, Microsoft Office Online and Outlook :

And the ICE addon lets the user add popular sites, like, say....Instagram?

Fill in the fields, let ICE pick the site's favicon, and you're ready to go with a home-cooked webapp. If like me you're lucky enough to live near C.M.B.C., have one with me, or if not, just use Black Lab Net and an Instagram web app to follow Cape May Brewing - enjoy!

The usual set of local applications hasn't been neglected, with a small-but-well-chosen set : VLC (media), Gedit (text editor), Chromium (default browser and the hook for the ICEssb addon). Built on the modular, configurable and ultra-stable Xfce desktop, BLL-NET is ready for action - download it, burn it, take it for a spin! It'll run as well as ChromeOS, minus the Chromebook.

Download it here :