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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Black Lab Linux GNOME edition, released to the masses!

Today PC / Opensystems is pleased to release its newest spin : Black Lab GNOME 7.0.3. Recenntly, GNOME has been the most requested desktop by our customers and users;ever responsive, we are releasing it to the masses. For the foreseeable future Black Lab's GNOME and the XFCE versions will be released simultaneously – KDE and MATE editions are being discontinued.

This GNOME layout is configured the same way as it was previously, and the users of our XFCE release will see this same configuration in versions 7.5 and 8.0.

Changes included :

LibreOffice 5.1
GNOME 3.10 (GNOME 3.19 will be released with Black Lab GNOME 8.0)
Firefox 44.0.2
Thunderbird Suite 38.5.1
Webmin 1.780
Linux kernel 3.19 (Upgradeable to Linux kernel 4.4 via the kernel update pack)

Release notes:

  • To login to the live system click on "Live Session User" and hit enter.  There is no assigned password.
  • In VirtualBox and Parallels VM systems the Live Image will recycle back to the login screen.  To install choose the installer from the boot menu
  • To install on a headless system when you get to the login prompt the username is custom and no password required.

You can also purchase a boxed set from our webstore.