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Monday, December 28, 2015

Restructuring Black Lab Linux development

We are changing the release cycles for Black Lab Linux. Due to necessary changes due to lack of funding on the community edition side of things we have decided to do incremental updates every 6 months and major releases every 12 months. So in May we will be delivering 7.5 and in November 2016 we will deliver 8.0.

We did this so that the developers wont feel as rushed as they work full time jobs and they need to take care of their families and they have more time to push patches and new code through at a more relaxed pace. This will not effect Black Lab Enterprise Linux at all as the development cycle is already 12 to 18 months. This issue is that the community side depends on donations and purchasing of boxed sets to remain free and due to the current situation and donations have not recovered we have to make cutbacks and restructure. Being as though I have made the promise that Black Lab Linux itself would remain free I had choices to make. Either go completely commercial and no longer offer free downloads and charge for it or make cutbacks, make sacrifices and slow development down a little.. We decided to make cutbacks in order for it to remain free.

We do appreciate everyone who does contribute now and we encourage everyones support. Now, the distribution is NOT going away. It will continue but at a longer release cycle allows us to test more and make more significant changes over time. We will use the current donations and funding level to pay for more advertising, domain renewals etc. Black Lab Linux 8 Developer Previews and Betas will continue to be released at regular intervals.

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