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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Sales Stage One

Today we are announcing the first stage of our holiday sale.  We are selling accessories which will become a normal offering from us in the new year.

Today we are placing Black Lab Linux 7 on sale.

When you order our keyboard and mouse sets from us you get a copy of Black Lab Linux 7 with your order.  These keyboards are in direct theming with Black Lab Linux as they do not contain a Windows key, they utilize the paw key which is a key that has our application menu key on the super key.  You can order these keyboards and mice wired or wireless, black or white.

The wired set is $50.00 USD + Shipping and Handling
The wireless set is $65.00 USD + Shipping and Handling

Black Lab Linux 7 is available as a live install via USB Flash Drive, MiniSD Card, or MicroSD card, LiveDVD and you can order below.

Black Lab Linux 7 with keyboard and mouse set
Black Lab Linux 7 x86_64 Install Media
Order Notes