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Friday, November 27, 2015

Creating Fogger apps on Black Lab Linux 7

Creating a Fog app on Black Lab Linux 7

I have been a Black Lab user and contributor for several years - what has always appealed to me about this distro is its transparency and useability - simple and powerful gets the job done seems to be the PCOS development team's mantra.
Fogger has been part of the BL default Internet application set for quite awhile, one that I've seen in the menus, but have never gotten around to setting up.
My mistake.
Like the distro it runs on, Fogger sets up in a matter in minutes and is getting the job you need done before you know it.

In the menus under Internet, select -> Create a Fog app

Since I'm blogging, I selected Blogger as the first app I would create.
I logged in, and boom, there's the list of blogs that I work with and the one currently in progress :

And like any other desktop application, you can easily create a desktop shortcut to it :

Once it's done, and get blogging - or Facebook messaging, or messaging on or using Google Maps, or any other of many, many possibilities.
And doing all this on Black Lab will make it that much quicker and easier!

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