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Monday, November 16, 2015

Black Lab Linux 7.0 Released

Today we are announcing the release of Black Lab Linux 7.0. Over the past 6 months we have released several betas, presented 4 release candidates, and generally done a ton of work, culminating in Black Lab 7, our vision of what the best Linux desktop should be. Black Lab Linux 7 introduces many improvements to the core system and improves many OS functions of the OS from wireless connectivity to power management to general hardware support.

Other improvements include (but are not limited to):
  • Kernel 3.19.0-33 
  • Full XFS Filesystem support 
  • Full exFAT support 
  • XFCE 4.12 
  • New Deskbar layout 
  •  LibreOffice 5 
  • Chromium Web browser 
  • Pepper Flash Plugin 
  • Smuxi IRC client 
  • Audacious MP3 Player 
  • VLC Player 
  • Steam Client for gaming 
  • AppGrid 
  • TimeShift system restore utility 
  • Webmin Remote Administration tool 
  • GCC 5.2 
  • Mono 4.0 Service Release 5 
  • Wine 1.7.55 for running some Microsoft Windows applications
There are many more updates and fixes. You can find a full package list here

Minimum System Requirements 

64 bit capable processor
512 mb of RAM
10gb Hard Drive (The OS occupies 8.5 gb of the hard drive)
VGA Graphics
Keyboard and mouse
Touch Input systems (Optional)

Black Lab Linux 7.0 is available for purchase from our web store or our resellers as a boxed set, with your choice of the following media : USB Flash drive, Live MiniSD card, Live MicroSD card, or Live DVD.

Prices :
$89.99 USD for Black Lab Linux 7.0 (includes installation guide and 1 year of phone and e-mail support)
$25.99 USD Black Lab Linux 7.0 (includes 30 days of e-mail support and unlimited forum support)

Black Lab Linux 7.0
Install Medium
Order Notes:

Black Lab Linux 7.0 is available immediately pre-installed on our desktop systems. Black Lab Linux 7.0 will be available for public download on Dec 17, 2015.

Thank you