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Friday, October 16, 2015

Opera on Black Lab = cutting edge. Vivaldi Technical Preview on Linux = not-so-bleeding-edge

"The Vivaldi team this week released the third technical preview of their new Web browser Vivaldi for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Added in this build are tab stack tiling, page actions, mouse gestures and better note taking as highlighted productivity improvements."
Black Lab Linux' latest release candidate build ships with Opera as its default browser - fast, stable and cutting edge, just like the platform it runs on.
Vivaldi Technical  is for those who like to step off the cutting edge onto the bleeding edge - bearing in mind that we're talking about browsing the Web here, not performing delicate brain surgery : if a page isn't rendered correctly, fall back to Opera. 

To install, follow these steps :

1). Download Vivaldi Technical Preview / vivaldi_TP4. :

2). Once the .deb file has been downloaded use sudo dpkg -i vivaldi_TP4. to install the Technical Preview :

3). There are going to be dependency issues with libappindicator1 - use sudo apt-get install -f to correct the dependencies and install the browser :

4). After correcting this dependency, the Technical Preview will install normally. After installation, run the program and enjoy some of Vivaldi's advanced features! I've found that it's very quick. 

It includes a feature which Opera introduced and most other mainstream browsers have since copied, Speed Dial - sites can be added or deleted as the user sees fit :

The interface is clean and uncluttered;its sidebar includes integrated Bookmarks :

And Email, which isn't active yet in the Technical Preview :

The feature I like most is Notes in the Sidebar (I'm a big user of the Mozilla Quicknotes add-in)

Long story short, Vivaldi is an advanced browser, using the Presto rendering engine which features the newer features of HTML5. Most importantly :

Give it a try - you won't be disappointed!

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