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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Black Lab NEXT 2015.10 RC4 Released

Today we are releasing RC4.  Release Candidate 4 is a major bug and application fix that plagued users of the RC2 and RC3 series.  With that we also have some changes that came along and landed in RC4.  Some visual changes and some application changes.

We are testing some browsers so we have included Seamonkey 2.38 and Opera 34.  We have also upgraded the kernel to 3.19.0-51.  And have applied all system updates up to Friday Oct 23 2015.

We also resolved several issues.

HDMI mirroring is now fixed
Our remaining wireless networking issues are now resolved
2007 Macbook wireless drivers now included by default and working
Unable to create bootable media with ISO fixed
Virtual Machine compatibility improved
Dropbox daemon issue fixed
MTP volume mounting fixed

You can download Black Lab NEXT 2015.10 RC4 from ibiblo and it is available in 64 bit only while testing.

Black Lab NEXT 2015.10 RC4
Black Lab NEXT 2015.10 RC4 md5