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Monday, October 5, 2015

Black Lab NEXT 2015.10 RC1

Today we are releasing the final RC candidate before the major release in December for Black Lab Linux 7.  Black Lab NEXT 2015.10 we focused on many compatibility issues and resolved a few that were plaguing users.  The list of currently fixed bugs are as follows

  • Freezing on a system with an NVIDIA card. - FIXED

  • Lag in wireless keyboard and mouse input. - FIXED

  • Youtube black screens with Firefox 41. - FIXED

  • Network manager crash - FIXED

  • .MKV playback crashes Parole - FIXED

  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M52 XFCE crash - FIXED

We also introduced some new fixes and upgrades to Black Lab NEXT.  Below are some of the updated software we have introduced.

Kernel 3.16.0-50
Kernel 3.19.0-30
Firefox 41
Audacious 3.6.2
Thunderbird 38.2.0

GMTP is no longer included.  MTP is now supported via the filesystem so transferring files is handled via the File Manager.

We have now entered feature freeze.  This means that we will not be making any more non-critical changes to the system.  The XFCE GUI has not changed since the main release of 6.5 and will NOT be changing.  we did tweak it a bit and added Windows buttons to indicate open applications and we introduced the NewCurve icon theme and a few new themes but the layout has not changed.

You can download Black Lab NEXT 2015.10 from here for x86_64 based systems.

Black Lab NEXT 2015.10 x86_64  md5

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