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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Black Lab Core Server 7 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of Black Lab Core Server 7.  Black Lab Core Server 7 is the base of the Black Lab Server distribution.  Black Lab Core Server is for users to design their own servers or workstations and to include their own selection of software.  Black Lab core Server 7 has some basic system requirements.  Here are the minimum system requirements for running Black Lab Core Server 7.

Minimum System Requirements

x86_64 or AMD64 Processor
512 mb of RAM
10 gb Hard Drive
VGA or better display

Being a core distribution what software is included.

Kernel 3.19.30
Midori Web Browser
Fogger Web app utility
Full NFS stack
Samba 4

Black Lab Core Server does boot into command line mode but the XFCE desktop environment is included.  Network management is not enabled via GUI desktop but rather through the Network Manager command line utility nmcli. Here is a manual of connecting via nmcli.

nmcli reference

Black Lab Core Server 7 is designed for intermediate to advanced users.

You can download Black Lab Core Server 7 from Sourceforge:

Black Lab Core Server 7 x86_64     md5

or from Ibiblio:

Black Lab Core Server 7 x86_64     md5

You can purchase Black Lab Core Server 7 on installable media or as a virtual hard disk for use with VirtualBox or VMWare Player for $150.00 USD.  Contact for ordering.