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Friday, September 25, 2015

Black Lab Core to become free

Ok guys we have discussed it and we went over this and I have a huge announcement to make and we are all on board with this.  October 2nd 2015 we will be releasing Black Lab Core for FREE to the public.  You will be able to download it, you will be able to customize your desktop from top to bottom to the way you like it.

So what does Black Lab Core consist of?  What applications come with it?

1. XFCE desktop
2. Midori
3. Webmin

What can you do with it?  Well you can make a server, you can custom make a desktop with whatever applications you see fit.  Black Lab Core does not come with UEFI support and the reason for that is because traditionally the customers who use Core use it for embedded systems, ATM's and signage systems which typically dont come with UEFI enabled.  Also, Core is updated every 24 months so its not one that you get every 6 months from Black Lab Linux or yearly from Black Lab Enterprise.  You can still purchase support but if you dont have a support subscription you can get support through groups and through the techweb website.  The support subscription will cost $150.00 USD for 12 months.