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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Why we are not releasing a MATE 32 bit build

As some people have asked us, they see a GNOME 32 bit build and an XFCE 32 bit build but what about MATE.  We have decided to regulate the MATE build to maintenance mode.  Maintenance mode means that we will continue to provide support for that flavor but it will not be an option for Enterprise or Education except for a custom configuration and it can no longer be ordered on hardware.  We are devoting very minimal resources to that desktop flavor.

Why?  We use the Ubuntu LTS releases as the basis for our products.  We always have.  The Ubuntu MATE team and the MATE development team do not want to support the 14.04 LTS release anymore.  They have clearly stated that they will not release MATE 1.10 for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS anymore which fixes critical bugs from 1.8.2.  Unlike the Xubuntu and the XFCE teams and the Ubuntu GNOME teams which do try to fix bugs and support the LTS releases consistently the Ubuntu MATE team does not.  So at this time due to their unwillingness to support Ubuntu MATE and MATE on the 14.04 series, the MATE desktop does not meet the quality standards that we demand for our products. 

We no longer recommend nor do we encourage users or the public to use Ubuntu MATE 14.04 for mission critical deployment.  We do recommend Black Lab Linux KDE, Black Lab Linux GNOME, Black Lab Linux XFCE or Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with Unity (As Canonical does post bug fixes for Unity on 14.04) Xubuntu 14.04 LTS and Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS.