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Monday, June 15, 2015

Black Lab Linux GNOME 2015.6 Released

Today we are releasing the new build of Black Lab Linux GNOME 2015.6.  This spin uses the GNOME desktop Environment 3.10 and is based on the LTS technologies that power our distributions.    We have set it up with a unique layout which makes it ideal for traditional keyboard and mouse desktop users as well as users with touchscreen systems.  This release is 64 bit only although we are considering a 32 bit release if the community requests it.  This release is fully supported until the year 2020 as our other releases.  You can also order this desktop environment preinstalled on systems and on your USB Keys and SD cards.

Along with GUI enhancements and extensions, Black Lab Linux GNOME 2015.6 includes the following.

GNOME 3.10.4
Kernel 3.16.0-40
Ubuntu Compatible Kernel 3.13.0-53
Mainstream Kernel 4.0 available via an install script
GCC 4.9.2
Firefox 38
Thunderbird with Lightning Extension 31.7
Abiword 3.0
Gnumeric 1.12
Steam Client
Pinta Image Manipulation

Plus much much more

Black Lab Linux GNOME 2015.6  also contains all security updates until June 1, 2015

You can download Black Lab Linux GNOME 2015.6 and the md5sum from sourceforge

Black Lab Linux GNOME 2015.6 x86_64

To help support the Black Lab Linux project you can purchase a Live USB key, LiveDVD or LiveSD Card from us

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