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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Redefining Project Development

Ok guys, the time has come that some tough decisions need to be made. So we have made them. Our goal when we started Black Lab Linux was to use one desktop. During the course of development we strayed away from that. I always wanted to do one desktop and do it well. Some of you whom seem eager to request alternative desktop builds are also the same ones who run to the press and to forums and say we are indecisive and that we haven't a clue what we are doing. That ceases TODAY.  Now we are returning to the one desktop rule and its the desktop that we have used since day one. As of today we will standardize on the KDE desktop. There will be no more Mate, there will be no more GNOME, there will be no more XFCE. Those of you who do not like KDE there are tons of other distros out there that offer the alternative desktops. The only exception to this rule will be users who have agreements with us for alternative desktops and Enterprise and Education customers who have custom configuration agreements with us. When it comes to desktops there are a million reasons to use each one.  They are all good in their own right.  But for me, straying from my goals and trying to appease other people has made developing Black Lab Linux a lot less fun and a lot more stressful and it made it more stressful because in my mind I knew I wasn't doing the right thing by myself, and by my customers many of whom have stayed with me through the years, and when the developers aren't happy with the product; the product reflects that.  Now I do realize that some people will not like the choices we make and that is perfectly fine. Any requests for alternative desktop environments will fall upon deaf ears Im afraid. We feel that KDE has a much richer experience and a better toolset for users with which to get their job done. Now for the life of 6.5 we will continue to enhance and improve the Mate and KDE desktops. With Enterprise 6.5, Education 6.5 and Black Lab 7, KDE will be the ONLY available desktop unless you have an agreement in place. Any questions or comments don't hesitate to drop me a line. If anyone out there wishes to create a respin utilizing other desktops that is fine too.  Let us know and we will offer any assistance and resources you may need.  But as for this team we will now focus again on one singular distribution, with one desktop and we will focus on doing it well.