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Monday, March 23, 2015

Black Lab Linux 6.5 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Black Lab Linux 6.5.  With this release we continue to enhance and improve Black Lab Linux for public consumption.  While the base is the same, the Open Distribution Release comes in 4 flavors.  GNOME, MATE, XFCE and KDE.  The XFCE release is built into the GNOME release because of customer demand.  Some of our users who run things like legacy 64 bit hardware, terminal services and certain systems where GNOME may not run all that great.  So with that said here are some of the new features of Black Lab Linux:

1. GNOME 3.10.4
2. MATE 1.8.1
3. KDE 4.14.2
4. XFCE 4.12
5. Kernel 3.13 LTS Compatible
6. Kernel 3.16.0-31 Default Boot kernel
7. VLC 2.2
8. Firefox 36
9. Thunderbird 31.5
10. Rhythmbox 3.1
11.  FFmpeg 2.6
12.  Google Chrome 41
13.  exFAT support
14.  UEFI Secureboot support

You can find a full package listing here:

Black Lab Linux 6.5 Package List

You can download all the desktop releases from our Sourceforge Page (64 bit only.  32 bit will be released in 2 weeks)

Download Black Lab Linux 6.5 (64 bit)

You can also purchase Black Lab Linux 6.5 on Live USB, LiveSD, Live MicroSD, or LiveDVD to support the project and you get 6 months of e-mail and phone support.  You can also purchase the digital download edition for $12.99 USD which also gives you the 6 months of e-mail and phone support.

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