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Monday, January 19, 2015

Re-Release of Black Lab Linux XFCE

Today we are announcing the re-release of Black Lab Linux XFCE.  We had originally planned to redo the XFCE release and release it branded as Yellow Lab Linux.  Some of our users have expressed to us that it was sort of confusing and we decided we wanted to preserve our brand.  So with that we are releasing Black Lab Linux XFCE 6.0 SR1.1.

While there has not been a ton of changes since our last release of it back in October we did do some significant rework of it.  We installed all updates up to January 19, 2015.  We have also reworked the GUI so that Windows and Mac OS users who come over will not have any difficulty using the system.  So with this release what is new.

1.  Heavily customized XFCE 4.11.4 Desktop
2.  Firefox 35
3.  Thunderbird 31.4  Released on January 19, 2015
4.  GTK 3.14
5.  Font Manager
6.  Fogger for Web Apps
7.  Updated Dropbox
8.  Updated Steam client
9.  Black Lab Visual Subsystem 8
10.  Linux Kernel 3.13.44
11.  Install Script for 3.18.3

There have been over 60 updates application and system updates that have been applied.

You can download Black Lab Linux XFCE 6 from our Sourceforge Page

Black Lab Linux XFCE 6.0 SR1.1 x86_64

Black Lab Linux XFCE is also available in a Professional Desktop build

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