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Monday, January 26, 2015

An overview of Black Lab Linux

As many of you have noticed already we are back live on Distrowatch.  Its been over a year and things have changed here with us.  So for those of you that are new tuning in from Distrowatch you might have some questions about just who we are.  Remember OS/4 OpenLinux?  Well, thats what Black Lab Linux came from.  In 2013, we lost a case where we lost the rights to the name OS/4.  Well, what we have been doing since that time ?  We continued doing business. We continued to learn and adapt and we did fairly well.  We grew our commercial business and we learned a lot from it.  One of the things people kept asking us.  What about Distrowatch?  Why aren't you guys listed on Distrowatch?  So Dan, went forward and worked with the staff at Distrowatch to figure out how we could put the past behind us and move forward and thats just what we did.

Whats new with Black Lab Linux?  Black Lab Linux comes in three different flavors, Black Lab Linux, Black Lab Professional Linux which consists of Black Lab Core and Black Lab Professional Desktop, and Black Lab Education Linux.  All of our distributions are freely available to download.  With Black Lab Pro Desktop of course you are missing some features and your support options are limited to our Facebook Page and our Bug report system.  The same with Education Desktop.  Basically we are to Ubuntu what CentOS is to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  We focus on stability more than cutting edge.  To do this we are only based on LTS technologies.  We standardize on one desktop, GNOME Shell although we do have XFCE and KDE available on our NON commercial distribution, Black Lab Linux.  Our focus is to bring you the best of breed Linux desktop system.  Something you can deploy in your business, in your home, in your school and in 15 minutes you are up and running.  So with that said we encourage you guys to go try Black Lab Linux.

Black Lab Linux 6.0 x86_64

Black Lab Professional Desktop 6.0 SR2 x86_64

To purchase Black Lab Professional Desktop visit our buy it now page.

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