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Monday, October 6, 2014

Kernel 3.17 for Black Lab Linux 5.x/6.x released

Today we are very pleased to bring you the latest stable kernel, 3.17 for users of Black Lab Linux 5.x and Black Lab Linux 6.x.  While Black Lab Linux ships with an LTS kernel by default we do provide our Kernel Enablement Kit for users that include the latest stable kernel as well as the header and source files.

Users of proprietary video card drivers and VirtualBox users will have to reinstall those drivers and applications.

So whats new with kernel 3.17?

  • Radeon R9 290 “Hawaii” GPUs finally play nicely with the open-source AMD Linux driver.
  • Microsoft Xbox One controller support.
  • Improvements to the Sony SIXAXIS support
  • Toshiba “Active Protection Sensor” Support, a driver to detect if Toshiba laptops are in a free-fall.
  • Open-source NVIDIA driver improvements.
  • DMA-BUF cross-device synchronization support
  • Broadcom BCM7XXX-based board support
  • ACPI 5.1 activity and other power management improvements.
  • Audio support includes Wildcatpoint Audio DSP on Intel Broadwell Ultrabooks.
 You can download the Kernel Enablement Kit from Sourceforge available immediately.

Kernel Enablement Kit 3.17