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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Black Lab Linux 6 Beta 1 Released

Today we are pleased to release the Beta 1 release of Black Lab Linux 6.  This release has been in planning over the last several months and while we have been slaving away over it we have introduced some unique features.

 With this release we changed the core system we have also changed our default desktop environment .  Many of the core packages have remained the same and have been updated to newer versions.

1.  Heavily customized GNOME 3.10 interface
2.  Ubuntu 14.04 LTS base
3.  Firefox 32
4.  System Restore
5.  Abiword and GNUMERIC
6.  Scribus
7.  Inkscape
8.  Openshot
9.  DVD and full multimedia codec playback
10. Java 7
11. VLC
12.  Audacious
13.  Pidgin IM client
14.  Updated WINE packages ready for installation
15.  Full LSB compliance and all basic development packages installed with a focus on letting people with custom kernels install them with minimal fuss and issue.

Now there have been some issues fixed since the Preview releases that needed to be addressed.

1.  Virtual Machine performance with GNOME 3 has been improved.
2.  The issue with Sun Microsystem USB keyboards not being picked up has been fixed.
3.   RAM consumption on bootup has been improved.  It was using over a gig of RAM but we have trimmed it down to 535 mb.
4.  DKMS would fail when building the modules for VirtualBox, that has been fixed.
5.  All of our Expansion kits and the Black Lab SDK have been adapted to work with Black Lab Linux 6 Beta 1 and still work with Black Lab Linux 5.x

You can download this release from our sourceforge page or can be ordered on a USB key for those with bandwidth restrictions.  Those who order the USB key will get a free USB or liveDVD shipped to them when final gets released.  The Beta release is 64 bit only.

Download Black Lab Linux 6 Beta 1 (Sourceforge)

If you wish to donate to the Black Lab Linux Project during our Fall Fundraiser you can do so through this page which lists all our plans and what we need.  We especially have a focus on acquiring hardware.  All donations are accepted and appreciated.

Black Lab Linux Fall Fundraiser