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Friday, August 29, 2014

Black Lab SDK 1.8 Released

Today we have released the new Black Lab SDK 1.8.  With this release we added a lot of new tools for developing applications for Black Lab Linux and Ubuntu.  The Black Lab SDK 1.8 has been tested and is supported on the following distributions:

Black Lab Linux 5.x/6.x

Ubuntu 14.04

Kubuntu 14.04

Here is a list of tools included with the Black Lab SDK 1.8:

QT Creator - for QT 5
Gambas 3 - Visual Basic for Linux
Ubuntu Quickly - Quick and dirty development tool for python
emacs and Xemacs - Advanced Text Editor
Anjuta and Glade - C++ RAD development tool for GTK
Netbeans - Java development environment
GNAT-GPS - IDE for the following programming languages.  Ada, C, JavaScript, Pascal and Python
Idle - IDE for Python
Scite - Text Editor
xfce4 developer tools - Development tools to aid in developing and writing addons for the XFCE environment
Monodevelop - IDE for the MONO and .NET programming languages on Linux
Code::Blocks - supports multiple compilers, including GCC, MinGW, Digital Mars, Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++, LLVM Clang, Watcom, LCC and the Intel C++ compiler. Although the IDE was designed for the C++ language, there is some support for other languages, including Fortran and D. A plug-in system is included to support other programming languages. Some of Code::Blocks features are targeted at users migrating from other IDE's - these include Dev-C++, Microsoft Visual C++ project import (MSVC 7 & 10), and Dev-C++ Devpak support.

You can download the Black Lab SDK from

Black Lab SDK 1.8 (Works with PowerPC, ARM, 32 and 64 bit)