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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Black Lab Linux Team and how its built

Some people have asked about the "team" that works on Black Lab Linux and how the system is built.  So I thought I would take the time to break it down and tell people how we create Black Lab Linux.

First, we take two ISO's.  Ubuntu and Fedora/CentOS, only one of them is made available to the public.  We remove everything GUI wise.  We remove Unity, we remove all apps, until we break it down to a command line system.  The same for Fedora.  We break it down to a command line system.  Then we start auditing, and bug recording the kernel.  We then start building it back up.  We add the desktop system, XFCE, GNOME or KDE and then we start testing applications, recording bugs.  Fixing bugs, testing a wide variety of hardware.  We test hardware thats either donated or we purchase.  Then we start building deb and RPM packages.  The Fedora release is a specialized release for a handful of people.  Its release schedule follows RHEL's release schedule and is tested for compatibility against certain commercial applications.  The XFCE layout is the same between both bases so what you see with the Ubuntu release is the exact same you see with the Fedora/CentOS base just one is using RPM as its packaging system the other uses DEB as the packaging system.  We have an experimental build thats based on FreeBSD and the desktop for that one is strictly KDE based which we are pondering a public release or just keeping that internal for right now.  Some people think we just throw Ubuntu on a system, add a couple of packages and remaster.  It goes far beyond that. We alter kernel code, we make commits to the kernel and other open source packages that we use.

Now, how does the development team break down.

Cristobal and Jordan - They do all the desktop stuff.  They work on icons, wallpapers and themes as well as desktop selection.

Myself, Layla, Mike and Simon - We handle all the lower level work.  Kernels, drivers and CLI solutions.

We also have 5 different people who check language packs, modify language packs and work on localization.

So thats pretty much how the team breaks down and how we build Black Lab Linux.