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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Black Lab Linux 6.0 Preview available

Today we are pleased to announce the public preview of Black Lab Linux 6.0.  With Black Lab Linux 6.0 we make some significant changes to the Black Lab Linux 6.  These changes are highlighted below.

Switch to GNOME 3, our default desktop switches to a highly customized release of GNOME 3 as our default

GNOME Classic, while Black Lab Linux 6 will be primarily available with hardware we are going to continue to make our community edition available and users will be able to use GNOME Classic with older hardware.

Mate 1.8 Repositories enabled.  For users who want a classic GNOME 2 type experience you will be able to use MATE

Base system based on Ubuntu 14.04

FFmpeg, while Ubuntu removed FFMPEG from the 14.04 repositories we will be making it available

Timeshift System Recovery and Restore

Along with these changes we have made massive changes to the core kernel and other packages.

You can download the Black Lab Linux 6 Preview from Sourceforge:

Black Lab Linux 6.0 Preview

Known Issues:

Older NVIDIA cards may not work during install.  We are working on this issue and hope to have it fixed by Beta 1

Defaults to a login screen:  Leave the username as is and leave the password blank.

Details lists Ubuntu 14.04 as the distro, we have changed that with preview 2

This Preview is not meant to be used on production machines.  We offer no warranty expressed or implied from data loss incurred from your usage