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Friday, July 11, 2014

Black Lab Linux 5.1 support

Canonical just made the announcement that with the introduction of Ubuntu 12.04.5 with the Trusty hardware enablement stack that they will be dropping support for earlier hardware enablement stacks.  With 5.1 we use the 3.8 kernel and with that customers have asked us how will the support schedule go. 

First, this isn't the first time we have continued support when Canonical dropped support.  Commercial users of PC/OS 2009, which is based on Ubuntu 8.04 have been fully supported with support ending in February 2015 and that includes the 2.6 kernel.

The 3.8 kernel is scheduled to be in our community 5.x series and it will be supported until 2017.  We will be responsible for all security updates, patches and feature requests.  In Black Lab Linux 6 we will start with the 3.10 kernel with the 3.15 kernel coming in our 2nd or 3rd maintenance release and that will be supported until 2021 even when we switch to our new Fedora/CentOS base system in Black Lab Linux 7.

In our Enterprise and Education releases the 3.8 series kernel will be upgraded per our Service Pack release schedule and will be supported until 2020.  The 3.10 kernel will be supported until 2021 along with the 3.15 kernel. 

So, in closing Black Lab Linux 5.x and our support customers will be fully supported and will continue to receive security and bug fixes until the support end date.