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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Black Lab Linux 5.1 ALPHA2 Released

Today we released Black Lab Linux 5.1 ALPHA2 for testing.  This is the unstable branch of Black Lab Linux and should be used for testing only.

This release contains the following

Firefox 31
Thunderbird 31
VLC 2.1.3
Linux kernel 3.8, now there has been some questions about our use of the 3.8 kernel.  BETA 1 and final, which will drop in mid August will contain the LTS 3.10 kernel.  We do understand Canonical will be dropping support for the 3.10 kernel when their Trusty HWE drops.  We will not.
Docky has been fixed and will no longer crash on live sessions and no longer crashes the installer.

All other application updates and bug fixes have been supplied.

Known issues:

The LiveCD will start on a login page on some systems, leave the username as Live Session User and leave the password blank.
Some PRISM Network cards will drop the link and randomly pick it up again.
Windows Azure support is incomplete and the system will not work.  Its being worked on.

You can download the new release here:

Black Lab Linux 5.1 ALPHA2

If you would like to donate to the Black Lab Linux project to help further development, you can do that below: