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Monday, June 30, 2014

Black Lab Linux KDE 5.0.2 Released

Today we are excited to release our new KDE release of Black Lab Linux 5.0.2. This release was a major rework of our previous KDE efforts and we worked on 3 main goals.

Application integration

While we use Black Lab Linux 5.0.2 as the base in regards to the core system, Black Lab Linux KDE is based on 99.9% of KDE and QT applications.

With this distribution we bundle:

Linux kernel 3.5.0-51
KDE 4.13.2
Calligra Office
Muon Package Manager
Steam Client
Firefox Installer

This release includes all updates up until June 15, 2014

We sat down with Roberto Dohnert and asked him a few questions regarding the KDE release.

Q. Why are we doing a KDE release?
A. The KDE release was a popular spin. With Black Lab Linux 5.0, we initially werent going to do a KDE release but rather just have the repositories set up for users to download and use KDE if they wanted. But because of user demand we brought it back and decided to develop it inhouse and make it part of the regular offering for 64 bit users.

Q. Will we be dropping XFCE support? Will we offer a GNOME 3 spin as well?
A. No, we will not be offering a GNOME 3 release at this time. That would depend on our users and how much demand we get for it. So far the demand for KDE has been much more than a GNOME 3 release. XFCE will continue to be one of our choices. Its well liked and mature.

Q. Will we be offering KDE in our commercial distributions?
A. Probably. 2 of our 3 custom configurations of PC/OS Desktop/LX and PC/OS Education/LX are KDE based. To roll KDE out in commercial projects would require us to roll it out without being disruptive to current customers workflow. It all boils down to customers and users and what they want.

You can download the KDE release from our Sourceforge Page.

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