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Friday, June 13, 2014

Black Lab Linux vs PC/OS Desktop/LX

Some people have asked us, whats the difference between Black Lab Linux and PC/OS Desktop/LX.

Black Lab Linux is our community offering.  Its free to download, free to use and anyone is free to contribute to Black Lab Linux.  You can contribute code, bug reports, graphics along our community guidelines.  It is a purely community endeavor.  Its funded by the community and it is enhanced by the community at large.  Black Lab Linux is our equivalent of the Fedora Project by Red Hat and its equivalent to the CentOS project as we are not a bleeding edge distribution but rather focused on stability.

Releases of Black Lab Linux are released on a 6 month schedule, we have a feature freeze about a month before we ship where we audit contributed code and test.  During this month we also contribute any enhanced kernel code or package code back to those projects ie kernel code goes back to, XFCE code is contributed back to the XFCE project.

How do we support this?  Its supported with e-mail support or forum support.

What do I mean by funded by the community?  Your donations and purchase of USB keys go back to the project.  We renew web domains, advertise, pay the core team of developers, replace aging equipment and contribute to the projects from where we benefit.  Obviously, the more donations we get in we can keep the lights on, developers get paid more and for those projects we contribute money to, they stay happy and they have incentive to continue coding.   Developers can only do things so long as a labor of love at some point they like to eat.  We do encourage people to contribute to open source projects, even if you dont contribute to Black Lab Linux.  It shows appreciation for what we do as developers.


What is PC/OS Desktop/LX, PC/OS Education/LX and PC/OS Core/LX?  These are strictly a commercial endeavor by PC/OpenSystems LLC.  These are based on the work that goes into Black Lab Linux.  Desktop/LX gets pushed to system builders, OEM's like ACER, Dell and HP.  It is bundled on the hardware we sell as well.  It is beta tested by a much smaller group than the group that beta tests Black Lab Linux.

How is it released? Desktop/LX, Education/LX and Core/LX are updated every 12 to 14 months.  If we have a critical security fix it is made available when needed and everyone is notified.  For users who need newer kernels and hardware support we deliver that in easy to install scripts until they become a part of and rolled out with the distribution.

It is supported by whats called yearly subscription services which have to renewed every 12 months or they become self service.  We have remote, phone, or onsite support available.

Do we do servers?  no, if a contract requires server support we support Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Oracle Unbreakable Linux whichever the customer prefers.

Some have asked us what does PC/OS stand for.  It stands for PC/OpenSystems.