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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Black Lab Linux 5.1 - ALPHA Released

Today we are releasing Black Lab Linux 5.1 ALPHA.  With this release we bring you some of the new features that will be presented in Black Lab Linux 5.1.

With this release what do we bring you?


We changed the UI so it doesnt look so Mac which was the biggest criticism of 5.0, the CDE style is more like a test run to see if you guys like it.  If you hate it, make it known, if you love it make it known.

New Icon set - Some of Cristobals best work yet


GTK 3.8
Linux kernel 3.8 (3.15 is available as a separate download)
OpenSSH 6.6
Updated OpenSSL
KDE 4.13.2 Backported packages
Firefox 30
Thunderbird 24.6

Upcoming Changes

VLC 2.1.3
Cinnamon Repositories
Mate Repositories

There are a lot more changes coming these are just some of the thing we have worked on.

WARNING:  This is an Alpha release, please DO NOT USE ON PRODUCTION MACHINES.  Some things may not work, some may work perfectly.

You can download ALPHA 1 from our test server  md5sum

ALPHA 2 will be released on July 6th 2014


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