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Monday, April 14, 2014

Black Lab Linux 5.0 Preorders

Today we are taking preorders for the next release of Black Lab Linux 5.0.

This is for users who want to get the newest release without having to wait the 30 days before we put it up for free download.  If you are a member of the Black Lab Network your order will ship at the projected time.   All pre-orders will ship May 1st 2014 before official release of May 5 2014.

If you want access to the fastest growing commercial alternative to Red Hat Enterprise please visit the Black Lab Linux Enterprise website.

Black Lab Linux 5.0 along with our award winning intuitive interface ships with the following software.

Updated Linux Kernel
Google Chrome 34
Thunderbird 24.4
Gstreamer 1.2
Parole Media Player
LibreOffice 4.2.3
The Gimp2.10
OpenSSH 6
Steam Client
Built in Maps provided by Google
Built in Messaging Center provided by Google Voice
Bleachbit System Cleaner
Parental Controls

Plus much more.  Black Lab Linux also contains many user friendly system tools to help you manage your system quickly, efficiently with little to no IT staff.

When you pre-order Black Lab Linux 5.0  you get an installable USB Flash Drive, Live DVD or SD Card as well as a detailed install guide to walk you through the installation.

Black Lab Linux 5.0 Preorder
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