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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why we support Mono in the Black Lab SDK

Some people have asked us why we support Mono and Monodevelop in the Black Lab SDK.  Well, first let me say Im not a huge fan of Mono.  While I like the principle behind Mono, I dont think it has a place in the Linux world.  When ever someone comes to me and wants to know whats the best cross-platform development tool, I always recommend QT.   We actually dont have any Mono apps in the base Black Lab Linux distribution.

We include Mono and the Monodevelop IDE specifically for customer and user demand.  These customers and users are coming from the Windows world and the Windows developer world .NET and that environment are king.  Now, in Windows .NET and Visual Studio are the perfect marriage and I hold nothing against anyone who wants to use Visual Studio.  But, corporate developers coming to Linux want to bring along their investment and it falls on us, the Linux developers and the community, to make that transition as painless as possible.  I dont fully expect, personally,  any corporate developer to immediately rewrite their application in QT or GTK.  The whole mode of thinking of you are with us or against us is totally obscene.  We have to show them the benefits of these different development environments.  We have to work together by offering them code, assistance and share technical resources.  These are the basic building blocks of the Linux philosophy, this is what defines Linux and its what the Linux ecosystem is built on.  This whole attitude of .NET  sucks, thats its inferior and the developers who use it are stupid needs to go out the proverbial window.  Its detrimental to the Linux ecosystem, its detrimental to the Linux community.

So while not my first choice for development, I cant dictate to users what the CAN or CANNOT do.  I can only help establish that there are alternatives and if they need help porting, offer them that assistance.

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