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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New default desktop system

Today we are announcing our new default desktop for Black Lab Linux.  While XFCE will continue to be showcased and used for releases these new changes will mean the following.

All videos will be shot from KDE
Unless specified all shipping products will be shipped with the KDE desktop
All Extension Paks will be tested and certified against KDE and Kubuntu.
KDE will be released first in new releases of Black Lab Linux

Why are we doing this.  Most of our Windows XP upgrade users, want KDE because it resembles Windows so much and as more systems move to touch screens, KDE has more than proven that touch is in its DNA and the integration of QT has more than become the developers choice.  And, our KDE release is a contender and ranks as number 2 FASTEST KDE implementation in the Linux market.

Now, does this mean we are abandoning XFCE, absolutely not.  XFCE is preferred by many of our users and early adopters and it would be foolish to abandon those guys so XFCE will still be developed for and against and since Black Lab Linux for Education users and customers prefer XFCE because of its relatively small foot print and versatility.  Whether we stream line it to look more like Windows, we will wait and see what those users want.

But, lets go back over our changes release by release.

Black Lab Linux - KDE 64bit, XFCE 64bit, KDE 32 bit

Black Lab Linux for Education - XFCE 64bit

Live USB Install flash drives and SD Cards - KDE unless otherwise specified

New systems and hardware - KDE Unless otherwise specified