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Monday, March 10, 2014

Black Lab Linux Education 4.2.5 and Black Lab Professional Desktop 4.2.5 released

Today, we are announcing the release of our signature releases, Black Lab Linux Education, and Black Lab Professional Desktop for the masses.

So what changes have been made?  There have been quite a few changes to these distributions in terms of updates and functionality.  First, we have focused more on the desktop computing spectrum.  While we will continue to offer Black Lab Linux + Server Extensions Pak on our server hardware and the Server Extensions Pak as an additional download, we have decided to stick with what we do the best.  Which is the desktop systems.  We have heard from customers and users that those are the best releases we do, and while we arent totally lost on the server, we feel we have alot of contributions on the desktop.

So with that, why Black Lab Professional Desktop?  We got feedback from users and customers of Black Lab Enterprise Linux.  They wanted a professional desktop distribution that was easy to use, integrated and had awesome hardware support.  This included touch screen utilization and best of breed hardware support.  Instead of having to integrate the system themselves.  Black Lab Pro Desktop is our answer for small to medium sized businesses, based on our ultra-fast XFCE desktop we include many applications that users want and need for business computing, this includes accounting, database management, graphics, multimedia and presentations.  It truly is the ultimate package for users who need a professional and professionally supported desktop.  Its a low cost alternative to Windows and Mac OS X and includes many of the professional level applications that you would spend extra on for Microsoft Windows.  We also include legacy support for Windows and superb support for web technologies.  Speaking of support, we have made a change to the support features of Black Lab Pro Desktop.  Instead of 6 month phone and e-mail support, customers now get 12 months of phone and e-mail support and you get free upgrades both incremental and major releases within that one year.  So whats new with this release:

XFCE 4.11
Google Chrome
Thunderbird + Google Apps support
OpenShot 1.4.3
Calibre e-book management
Messaging Center
Glom Database Manager
Active Directory Support
Samba support
Updated kernel and drivers

Along with 370 application and system updates

You also get Oracle 11g, Apple WebObjects, IBM Websphere, Red Hat JBoss Studio, as part of your support.

For users who need Cluster services and NFS support you can download our Advanced Networking Extensions Pak from our Sourceforge Page.

Users can download the Black Lab Linux SDK from our Sourceforge page as well for all the development tools

We have formulated this new XFCE release so that it utilizes a familiar panel layout and should be familiar to users of GNOME,  Microsoft Windows and the KDE desktop system.

Although we dont offer an evaluation copy for download, we do have the Pro Desktop Extensions Pak, that is free to download but it is desktop independent and doesnt include support and some of the applications may differ since its for a general audience and we take KDE as well as XFCE into account.  We just updated that to release 1.2 and it can be downloaded from our Sourceforge Page as well.


Black Lab Professional Desktop + 12 months of support is $99.99 we also have discounts available for multiple licenses

Black Lab Professional Desktop Licenses

Now, onto education

Black Lab Linux EDU, is a desktop Linux based distribution for the education market.  One of our most popular releases, we have helped bring the Linux desktop to school systems  spanning, North Carolina, New Jersey, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California.  We bring a professionally supported distribution across all those segments and the results have been terrific.  My mother being a school teacher for 35 years, has brought a great deal of inspiration and advice and lost of feedback regarding the education release.  We have listened to the frustrations of educators and administrators and one of the issues we constantly hear is cost.  Schools are on a budget and we have addressed that issue greatly.   We offer a low cost alternative to Windows and Mac OS X for general education that allows schools to utilize the best that the open source community and commercial industry have to offer, as well as legacy and web application support that is untouched by any other education focused distribution.  Lets go over some of the changes and updates of Black Lab Linux EDU.

XFCE 4.11 for thin clients and older computers and presented in a way that is familiar to users of legacy Microsoft Windows based systems.
Chromium Web Browser
Ubuntu Software Center
Calibre e-book management
Celestial Simulation
Wii controls
XBox Kinect Support
Updated NVIDIA and ATI Driver support

We have over 230 updates to the kernel and applications in this release.

We have also changed the support options for Black Lab Linux EDU.  When you purchase Black Lab Linux EDU, you get 12 months of phone and e-mail support. 


Black Lab Linux Education + 12 months of Phone and e-mail support $80.99.  Multi-seat licensing discounts available.

We also offer a free 60 day evaluation copy upon request.

Black Lab Linux for Education
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