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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What does the team use

This is a fun post.  We have had some people ask me, what systems does the Black Lab Linux development team use.  So I asked and here is what the Black Lab Linux development team uses to get the job done.

Roberto Dohnert

I have three systems and 2 laptops I use, while I have several systems, these are the systems I use the most

Main Developer System is a system I just picked up, Dell PowerEdge T320 which has 8 intel Xeon cores, 32 gb of RAM and 3 internal 1 tb hard drives, and two external 1 tb USB hard drives, this runs Black Lab Linux 4.3 + Pro Desktop Extensions Pak and some server components installed.  This machine runs 8 VM's through Virtual Box, these include.  Windows 7, Ubuntu 13.10, Linux Mint 16, IcAROS, Red Hat EL 6.5, Black Lab Linux Core, Black Lab Linux Embedded, Debian Linux 7

My daily desktop that I use just for getting stuff done, IRC, e-mail, posting to the web and just a little dev work is a Black Lab VR64 Desktop with 8 gb of RAM, 500 gb of Hard Drive space and runs Black Lab Linux 4.2 + Pro Desktop Extensions Pak

Third desktop is the Black Lab PowerStation, 16gb of RAM, 2 2tb hard drives and Black Lab Linux 4.3.  This is my test machine.  This is where I do much of my testing of new stuff.

My two laptops.  One Acer and one Lenovo Thinkpad both run Black Lab Linux 4.2


iMac 27 inch dual boot OS X and Black Lab Linux 4.2.  He also runs a MacBook Pro with Black Lab Linux 4.2 as the solo OS.

Mike Vale

Sun X-42 running Black Lab Linux 4.3, Macbook Air running Black Lab Linux 4.2

Dana Dice

2007 iMac running Black Lab Linux 4.2,  Lenovo Thinkpad dualboot Windows Vista and Black Lab Linux 4.2

Brian Litchner

HP Proliant and HP Dx550 running Black Lab Linux 4.2, HP laptop running Black Lab Linux 4.2

Simon Linoln

Mac Pro running Black Lab Linux 4.2 with Pro Desktop Extensions solo, 2007 white MacBook, running Black Lab Linux 4.2 solo

Dan Burcaw

Black Lab VR64 Desktop, and the Black Lab Omega Netbook, both running Black Lab Linux 4.2

So yeah guys, that is what the team uses and as you can see from this Black Lab Linux runs on an extensive range of hardware.