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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

User contributed Extension Paks

Today we have implemented user-contributed extension paks.  Users can now develop and make their own extension paks and we will post them to the website and give users recognition for their work.

They are througly tested and examined to ensure security and safety.

User-contributed extension paks must meet the following criteria:

  • You must list system requirements in the extension paks data sheet, this includes RAM and hard drive requirements as well as 64 or 32 bit
  • List of applications provided
  • Contact information
Also, all extension paks must be licensed under the LGPLv3 and GNU GPLv2

Because of the nature of user contributed extension paks no warranty is expressed or implied.

You can get more information and download existing User-contributed extension paks from our website

Now a few questions:

Why are you instituting these contributed user extension paks?
This allows users to contribute their own ideas and applications that they use in everyday life that others may like and find useful to use as well.  Users can make electronics labs, medical desktops, pro movie production desktops, music production systems etc.  This will also help cut down on user respins and lower the number of distributions that they create to satisfy personal requirements and save them the costs of getting into Linux distribution maintenance.

Can users still make respins?
Of course they can, they are free to do what they wish this is just a tool that they can use and a way for them to express themselves and answer the question, Wouldn't it be nice if this was included?  System Imager is still included and they can make a backup copy for installation or make a distributable copy.

Will you offer payment?
If they wish to be financially compensated, right now, we dont.  But depending on how popular this gets and if someone can suggest ideas we will implement something.  But we at PC/OpenSystems LLC always believe in empowering users creativity so they will get the credit for that and like I said, at some point we may offer a way for them to get compensated.

Can we order user-contributed extension paks preloaded like we can with Pro-Desktop and Server Extensions

Not right now, but we have talked to a user who is willing to do this himself so that may become available at some point.

When is this service available?
As of today, Feb 26, 2014