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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Changes to Black Lab Enterprise Linux and Black Lab Linux Server

Today we are pleased to announce the introduction of the Black Lab Pro Desktop Extensions Pak and the Black Lab Server Extensions Pak.

So what are these new initiatives?

To simplify development and resource management and to offer more for our users and customers we have discontinued, Black Lab Enterprise Linux and Black Lab Server.   Black Lab Linux is now the base distribution and we now have what we refer to as Extension Paks.  So far we have 2 available:

Pro Desktop Extensions Pak
Server Extensions Pak

They are easy to use script installers and these installers download and install all the necessary applications, drivers and utilities to essentially turn Black Lab Linux into a high performance pro desktop or a high performance server.

This helps keep our base distro smaller, yet it allows the users and customers to completely automate and customize the script to add whatever applications they want, need and use.

You can download the Extension Paks from Sourceforge

You can also purchase Black Lab Linux with the Extensions Pak preinstalled from our Where to Buy page.  These releases of Black Lab Linux come with either extensions pak preinstalled and customized so users who just want one release without having to apply the Paks themselves wont have to worry about it we take care of it for you.  In the purchased copies we also apply the Commercial Certifications Framework which adds all the support libraries and prerequisites to run and get your official support for, Oracle Database, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Hyperion,, Apple WebObjects and Red Hat JBoss Application Server.  The cost will remain the same as Black Lab Enterprise Linux and Black Lab Server and we have multi-seat licensing available.

So now, a few questions:

Will this void my support contract for Black Lab Enterprise Linux or Black Lab Server?
No, it will not.  You will continue to get the same support and renewal functions that you got with Black Lab Enterprise or Black Lab Server.

Will I continue to get the same support options with this solution versus Black Lab Enterprise and Black Lab Server
Yes you will, this solution is covered by our support subscriptions and are covered by the commercial certification process.  Those vendors see it as the distribution not as parted out.  So as long as you buy a license, you get our 90 day initial warranty from us at PC/OpenSystems and you get your six month warranty from the other vendors. 

Can I still get Black Lab Enterprise Linux?
Until May 20th, yes.

Can I still order preinstalled hardware with these Extension Paks?
Yes, if you tell us you want it we will also make your recovery image with the Extensions Pak preloaded

Will this affect Black Lab Education?
No, unfortunately we cannot do this with Black Lab Education.  2 states require a certification process.  Oklahoma and Texas.  So unfortunately, I cant seperate it as the Black Lab Linux base has not passed certifications there, where Black Lab Linux Education as a distribution HAS achieved certification.

Does this affect your law enforcement and US Government certifications?
No, the US Government and LA County Sheriff are not affected because the state of California and the Federal Government also certify the base system as well as the distribution, in other words, they tear the whole thing apart and certify the base too.  North Carolina doesnt require a certification process so it doesnt affect those guys either way.

Can we install the Extension Paks on Linux Mint, Ubuntu, SteamOS or any deb based distribution?
No, it hasnt been tested.  If we get a need to test it we might but until then Black Lab Linux certified only.

Can we install this on the KDE version of Black Lab Linux?

As a commercial customer can I put this on Black Lab Embedded?
No, Black Lab Embedded uses an entirely different set of repositories and it does not even have the prerequisites for half those packages and considering that Black Lab Embedded is only shipped on hardware and because said hardware only has a maximum storage of 5 to 7 gigabytes of flash memory, it wont work at all.  You dont even have half the storage to download those packages much less install all the packages.

When are these available?